Precor has partnered with the industry leaders in fitness entertainment and technology solutions to deliver a premium exercise experience and state-of-the-art tools to help you better manage your business. With their new Experience Series™, you'll find the same smooth, flowing, and precise cardio equipment Precor is known for, along with consoles backed by tens of thousands of hours of testing in the field to ensure proven, reliable equipment that facilities can count on.

P82 Console - 880 Line
With a 15" LCD capacitive touchscreen console just like a high-end phone, and a simple, intuitive interface that draws users deeper into their workout, the entire 880 Line is a reliable fitness solution that gets more powerful the longer you own it.

g-entertain-15-inch-pvs.jpg15" Personal Viewing Screen
Designed to give the user a more personal experience with total choice and control, a PVS provides the ultimate in individual visual entertainment. The option of a 15" PVS is available with Precor's 830 and 820 line of cardio equpment.

g-entertain-integrated-receiver.jpgIntegrated (800/900 MHz) Wireless Receiver
Conveniently integrated with Precor consoles, these receivers provide access to a selection of audio channels including those from wall or ceiling-mounted TV's.

g_entertain_900mhz.jpgxTV (900/863 MHz) External Wireless Receiver
Simply plug any stereo headphone into the Cardio Theater wireless xTV receiver and select any wall or ceiling mounted TV or music channel.

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