Preva® For Operators

Incorporating technology and digital services into your fitness facility can help you to build your brand, engage with exercisers, and strengthen the sense of community. When you connect the Precor P82 and P62 touch screen consoles, featuring the Preva® operating system, to the internet, you’ve got networked fitness. Leverage the MyUI™ suite of tools to customize the console experience and directly communicate with exercisers to increase attraction, improve retention, drive revenue, and optimize your cardio equipment management.

MyUI Screen
Customizable Walk-Up Screen
Extend the presence of your brand to the cardio floor with a high impact, customizable screen. Add a button that leads to content about your facility to keep in touch with your exercisers.

Asset Management Alert
Asset Management Alerts
Choose from an immediate alert to a weekly summary to keep in touch with your Precor cardio equipment. Our system continually watches the alerts, preventing duplicates and an overflow of repeats.

Exerciser Activity Report
Exerciser Activity Report
See the cardio activity of your Preva account holders with this simple online report. Great for supporting member challenges and contests, driving targeted communications, and measuring cardio preferences.

Automatic Software Updates
Automatic Software Updates
All networked Precor touch screen consoles receive automatic software updates, refreshed content, and new features –at no expense, and without any action required by you.

Welcome Screen Message
Welcome Screen Messages
Greet your exercisers with a short text message on the console before they start their workout. Consider promoting your services, special offers, or operational information, such as a change in hours.

In-Workout Message
In-Workout Messages
In-workout messages are a great way to stay connected to your cardio exercisers. Use them to promote your facility, events, specials, services, and schedules.

Manage Apps
Manage Apps
Setting the vibe in your facility is an important component of your brand, indicating you know what your exercisers prefer. Exerciser access to entertainment and media apps can be controlled by you with a simple click.

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