Preva® For Operators

Preva®, brought to you by Precor, provides exercisers with the tools and experiences to reach and then set higher goals. These same technologies help facility operators better manage their business with solutions that improve equipment management, increase retention, and drive revenue.


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The Preva® networked experience is delivered through the P82 & P62 Consoles.
• Exercisers have access to internet content in a format that is easy to navigate and read.
• If you choose, exercisers can have access to a web browser where they can even update their Facebook page.
• Give your exercisers their own personal Preva® fitness profile, which they can access right on the P80 console or with the swipe of a RFID-enabled Preva Token.
• Extend the value of your facility by allowing exercisers to take their Preva® accounts on the go with the Preva Mobile App.

g_preva_dashboard.jpgg-preva-cumulative-use.jpgPreva® Asset Manager simplifies the management and monitoring of your cardio equipment.
• By logging on to the web portal, you can see real-time equipment usage.
• You also have access to in-depth reports by cardio type to see trends by hour, day, and cumulative use.
• Use the Message Manager to establish powerful communications with your exercisers by sending them a message directly to the P82 & P62 welcome screens or during a workout. In-workout messages are high impact, customizable, and targeted communications that can be scheduled to appear at specific days and times.
• The Feed Publisher also gives you the ability to choose specific feeds or create your own custom content featured on the P80 console. Use this feature to drive interest to group classes, events, promotions etc.

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